Anyone want to get free passes for the Spiderman movie? Before you say yes. Beware how some politicians are dangling free passes in exchange for votes.

Vote buying schemes in Davao Uggh. But yes, this is happening. Check this site where a voter writes about this incident



In the recently concluded Palaraong Pambansa held in Koronadal, South Cotabato, two sports officials died due to the extreme heat.

It’s not true anymore that it is fun to stay in the sun and play sports to stay healthy.

More deaths have befallen the Palaro participants,  yesterday the contingent from Isabela, Cagayan figured in a bus accident, killing two athletes and three supervisors. Forty others are injured. Our prayers for those who have gone away.

On to positive news on the palaro, a Davaoeño kid won a gold medal in boxing. Goes to show that Mindanao produces great boxing proteges. Keep it up, boys.  You might become world champions in the future.  But please, don’t ever think of running in politics when you have success in your heads.


A kite wire reportedly caused an army chopper to crash in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu.  Soldiers are befuddled that a kite can be a weapon of mass destruction.



STRIKE 1: After saying that the Abu Sayyaf threat has diminished with the demise of its leaders, the military is now resurrecting these ghost in its assault in Sulu on April 13. No Abu has been caught or killed, instead 50,000 residents from eight municipalities have been displaced.

Scores of victims: Abu = 0. Civilians = 50,000. Loser = Peace

read Patricio Diaz’ comment on Sulu conflict

STRIKE  2: The military launched an air attack on a village in Davao del Norte in an effort to track New People’s Army that staged a daring raid of a prison armory during Easter Sunday.

Score: NPA dead = 0. Livestock and bananas = many.

read story here

STRIKE 3: The military reported the death of nine-year old Grecil Buya in an encounter in New Bataan, Compostela Valley. The military initially claimed this girl was an NPA who engaged them in a firefight.

Now they are singing a different tune, saying the girl is actually a student, and that the father is an NPA.

No apologies have been issued to the family of the girl.

A girl is dead. Her family is aggrieved. But the victims are now the accused.


Propaganda = a lot. Justice= 0


Headline in Sunstar Davao reads : Ched not bothered by poor English.

Because there is much more to worry about than kids learning correct English. Things such as this.

school in Patikul, Sulu

Now where is the teacher? Or where is the money to build the classrooms and buy the books? Well, if we bother to look at the news, the migration of teachers for higher paying jobs abroad, and the Philippine government being the most corrupt country in Asia, we figure out where all the education money went. Someone other than the kids need an education of the sould 😦

For more of these pictures, click here.

Family affair

In local elections here in most of the parts of Midanao may not have that much fanfare like the Ate Vi -Ricky scenario, but nevertheless the political clans are lording it in their places.

Davao is bracing for the Duterte and his daughter taking over the top posts of City Hall. The Uy brothers are vying to take the mayoralty in Tagum City and the governorship in Compostela Valley. While governor Joe Caballero is letting daughter Kris take over the governorship.

The thing close to the Ate Vi stuff is the news that Antonio Floirendo is giving in to Uncle Rodolfo del Rosario’s bid to return as governor of Davao del Norte. It’s all in the family.

Elsewhere, it’s all of the same, families jockeying for positions with rival families.

Family feud. Kawawa ang mga pipol.

Diet of the Philippines

For GMA, dieting means watching her weight and her health. But for the rest of the 80% of the Philippines, dieting simply means skipping meals.

Dieting as a solution to hunger? Who needs it here?

Barbaric 300

Xerxes in his Hollywood make-over

The movie 300 is such a huge hit. It is now on its second week of showing here. This movie is typical of the Hollywood formula where blood, gore, bravado and machismo is killing the box office. Look at the string of movies recently released– Alexander, Kingdom of Heaven, Apocalypto, and you get the point.

But 300 has been criticized for its biased portrayal of the invading Persian army as barbaric? Just look at the picture above and see Xerxes, the Persian King (right) in his Hollywood makeover.

Davao historian and writer Macario Tiu writes about this western bias in his Mindanews article on Orientalism.

Well, if you get to read this, you might change your mind about this movie. But nevertheless, it is one entertaining movie. Blood! Gore! Machismo!