Family affair

In local elections here in most of the parts of Midanao may not have that much fanfare like the Ate Vi -Ricky scenario, but nevertheless the political clans are lording it in their places.

Davao is bracing for the Duterte and his daughter taking over the top posts of City Hall. The Uy brothers are vying to take the mayoralty in Tagum City and the governorship in Compostela Valley. While governor Joe Caballero is letting daughter Kris take over the governorship.

The thing close to the Ate Vi stuff is the news that Antonio Floirendo is giving in to Uncle Rodolfo del Rosario’s bid to return as governor of Davao del Norte. It’s all in the family.

Elsewhere, it’s all of the same, families jockeying for positions with rival families.

Family feud. Kawawa ang mga pipol.


Diet of the Philippines

For GMA, dieting means watching her weight and her health. But for the rest of the 80% of the Philippines, dieting simply means skipping meals.

Dieting as a solution to hunger? Who needs it here?


This was the news on TV that greeted me in the early morning.

A minute later, I was feeling rage in my blood. How could this government become so bare-faced in its tyranny?

We are going back to martial law. And ironic is, here is the man Satur Ocampo, a political prisoner during those times, now facing the same fate he had three decades ago of being jailed for his convictions.

This incident has stirred outrage. Bayan Muna seems to be thankful that this projection seems to serve their campaign as their rankings in the survey rose. Also, Ka Satur has gathered support from the opposition, academe, church and the middle forces.

myth of the Mindanao candidate

Cris Diaz of Sunstar Cagayan de Oro writes an incisive opinion on the failure of Mindanao politicians to fare well in national elections.

It is a tragedy that these Mindanao politicians, then and now, have not made a dent to carry Mindanao issues in their platforms. If they do, it is all talk, no action.

And if these present crop of five Mindanao candidates vying for the Senate are counting on the Mindanao vote, they have to wake up from this myth.

Recent surveys show that not one of them are closing in on the winning circle of 12. Proof that the voting public is now keen on choosing candidates based on issues and principles, and not on geography. Also, the present elections is shaping up to be a protest vote against the Arroyo administration.

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Heart for Mindanao?

By coincidence or by purpose, two Davao dailies last Saturday ran feature articles on the two military generals based in Southern Mindanao.

Sunstar featured Lt. General Rodolfo Obaniana of the newly created Eastern Command in Mindanao. Mindanao Times ran a cover story on Gen. Ernesto Boac of the newly created 10th Infantry Division, which operates in Southern Mindanao and Socsksargen. (I’m afraid there is no link for the Mindanao Times article. Try to grab their March 10 issue)

If you get to read those articles, better note that both are written in the same manner, detailing their histories and military records. And finally ending with the commanders speaking that their hearts long for peace in Mindanao.

Whatever these articles are spinning about hearts for peace, bombs and bullets are still flying all over Mindanao. It takes more than these articles to bring the message into action. read article